My book Out of the Darkness: Transforming Beyond Depression  is coming soon!  How I healed myself from depression using  my understanding of an integrated non-traditional approach involving quantum physics, neuroscience and ancient wisdom.


A Way Out of the Darkness

My Hope

If you hope to heal, or as I prefer to call it, transform beyond depression, I hope for you a future of joy, contentment, and peace. Within my book, OUT OF THE DARKNESS: TRANSFORMING BEYOND DEPRESSION, I explain how I not only cured my depression but also how I transformed beyond it into a life I'd never before dreamed possible. 

I have been depression free for five years without anything close to or an inkling of depression.  I marvel as I awake in the morning joyful and happy to have another day.  I still can hardly believe it.  

I'm living proof that all it takes to begin is a thought, a simple thought, and desire … an intention.  

If you doubt it's possible to heal yourself, but you've run out of options or have found that the approaches you've previously used haven't worked, I encourage you to step into the possibility that healing is available.  What have you got to lose?

In the spirit of compassion for and understanding of your suffering, I offer this book as a journey toward your healing, a path to a joy and peace beyond what you can comprehend now, a way out of the darkness.

Healing Beyond Traditional Methods


My Story

I am a 60-year-old woman who after struggling with and suffering from chronic, severe depression most of my life, I finally "healed” myself permanently through an integration of quantum physics, neuroscience and recent advances in the science of neuroplasticity, along with an understanding of the nature of who I am through various avenues of spiritual wisdom.  Throughout this process, I learned, under the guidance of a licensed therapist who is also an applied quantum philosopher, how to effectively re-wire my brain, therefore, change my biochemistry and core beliefs.   I have been depression free and joyful and peaceful for five years. 

I recently authored a book, OUT OF THE DARKNESS: TRANSFORMING BEYOND DEPRESSION,  which explains the methods I used and the spiritual understanding I gained in order to heal my depression.  I’ve had extraordinary success healing my own mind and body, and I, now, consistently, live joyfully and peacefully.  When I used to wake in the morning, I dreaded the day ahead.  Now, when I wake up, I am excited about what the day holds.  Imagine that!