Out of the Darkness: 
​Transforming Beyond Depression

A Groundbreaking Perspective

Through opening myself to the possibility of healing beyond traditional treatment, I discovered and developed my own healing modalities under the auspices of an applied quantum philosopher (also a licensed master’s level therapist).


Who I Am

I suffered and struggled with chronic, severe clinical depression for most of 55 years.  I did what most depressed people do.  Over the decades,  I saw numerous  psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists who prescribed anti-depressants and a multitude of other psychiatric drugs which  had little  to no effect.   Five years ago, I discovered science based healing modalities which have permanently healed my depression.

Out of the Darkness: 
​Transforming Beyond Depression

​The above  title of my first book is coming soon!  How I healed myself from depression  using  my understanding
of an integrated non-traditional approach involving quantum physics, neuroscience and ancient wisdom.

What I Share

FOR FIVE ENTIRE DECADES, my life was dispassionately ruled by the crippling grip of a chronic, unrelenting depression.

Healing Beyond Traditional Methods

Out of the Darkness:
Transforming Beyond Depression

 A unique integrated approach using principles of quantum physics, neuroplasticity & spiritual wisdom